Download Sneezing Achoo Sneeze Sounds App

Download Sneezing Achoo Sneeze Sounds App
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We all have caught cold at some point during a year and one of the worst thing about cold is the continuous sneezing that comes with it. We all have made different sneezing sound whenever we sneeze and guess what, now we have an application in Android which have a collection of all the distinct sound of sneezing. Yes, you heard it right. With the technological advancement of Android, now we have applications that we have not even thought of before and Sneezing soundboard app is one of them which provides you with different sneeze sounds with such realism that you will surely be amazed with the amount of research developers have done for the app.


The Sneezing Soundboard app contains over 40 different sneezing sounds which will make you feel funny, sick, hatred, annoyed and many more emotions. This sneezing app has been categorised into two parts, sneezing sound effects of Man and of a Woman. Do not worry, it doesn’t end. Under man category we have three different sound of sneeze, which are totally unique to each other like the sound of strong sneeze, with a loud noise or a subtle sneeze sound. Sounds of woman also have three different sneeze effects and it is interesting to note that all the three sounds are still unique to each other as well as that of man’s sneezing sound. It offers you nastiest sneeze effects which you can’t even imagine and  if you are disgusted with the sneeze sound of both the categories, the sneezing app even offers adorable and cute sound of babies sneezing which will leave you in awe.



This application can definitely come in handy to fool other people in public and you can have lots of fun with the application. This app is really unique and has made a lot of people interested in it and it has been downloaded more than 10000 times and has a good rating. The sneezing soundboard app can be downloaded for free from Playstore and it will guarantee you lots of fun and entertainment. So get started with the application and listen to different sneezing sounds and with each upgrade this application will include more and more innovative sneezing sounds. It’s better not to miss it and do not worry, this app only has the sneezing sounds, so mucus won’t be a problem which we actually face during cold.