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With the rate at which apps are being made currently, there is pretty much an app for almost everything. An app that can mimic the different sneezing sounds of a man and woman is no exception to that rule either. Yes! There is actually an app that can do that. From the sneezing sound of a grown man, a grown woman to that of an infant, you will find it all in this app. It is also completely free of charge. So get this app today.


App Details

Over the years, the Android platform has paved the way for tons of different types of unique and fun apps. This sneezing sound app is one of them. There won’t be too many times when you get to see that there is an app that can mimic the sneeze effect. Well, here you go! If you were someone waiting for such an application, then your wait is finally over.

The app itself contains a total of 40 sneezing sound effects all of which are unique with respect to each other and invoke different sorts of feelings on hearing them. The app basically consists of a sneezing soundboard where a variety of different sneeze sounds have been recorded beforehand. You have the luxury of choosing from this wide array of sounds and playing them according to will.



The Sounds

As far as the variety of sounds is concerned, there is a lot to choose from. You will find the nastiest collection of the sound of sneezing with the help of this app. From the sneeze sound of a man to the sound of sneeze of a woman, this app has it all. Not only that, but you will also find the sneezing of an infant as well. And that is really cute, to say the least. Each of these sounds invokes a different type of feeling as far as the listener is concerned.

How the App Works

To make this sneezing app work, all you have to do is to open it first. You will find a grid of different images, all of which correspond to different types of sneezing effects. Tap on the one you want and the sneeze app will play it with ease. The sneeze soundboard helps that cause further.

So if you want to try this app out, just go to the Google Play Store and download it on your phone. It is completely free and is a really small app. So there is no reason for you to back away from trying it.

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