Get the new Music Trivia Crazy Quiz Game today

Get the new Music Trivia Crazy Quiz Game today
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Are you someone looking for a good Music Trivia game to play and pass your time? To be fair, there are quite a few of those apps in the market these days. And you have probably seen some of them when browsing through the different applications. So, what makes this app so unique? And why should you opt for this app over all the others present in the market?


As far as appearances are concerned, this Music Trivia Game does not do anything too special that stands out in the crowd amongst all the others. In fact, it uses a pretty standard set of design choices. It is colourful too look at which is pretty understandable considering the type of game it is aiming to be. After all, music brings colour to everyone’s life doesn’t it?

The design choices are also pretty standard as well. The background sound used in the menu and in the game as well is also really cheerful in nature. That is a sensible choice considering that it is a Music Quiz game app. It matches the scenario and is extremely light-hearted as well. It fits the app well and also fits the entire ambience.




There is nothing too much to say about the gameplay itself. As mentioned before, it is a Music Quiz Game. So the basic premise of this game is to answer a set of questions related to music. The more questions you manage to answer properly, the more you level up. If you answer even a single one incorrectly, you will lose the game. But don’t worry, though. You will find that your progress is always saved allowing you to continue from where you left off.

You can also share your progress with friends on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This allows you to match up with your friends and see who has the better musical knowledge. The questions themselves are also pretty challenging in nature and will definitely test you to your limits. The app is definitely worth your time.


To Conclude

So if you are looking for a Crazy Quiz Game that will allow you to enjoy yourself and test your musical knowledge, then this app is definitely for you. This is especially true for music fanatics who love nothing more than being tested on their knowledge on the given topic. So if you haven’t tried this app yet, then get it today. It is well worth the effort and time.


For download, this App visits here