Here’s the App for your Online Intelligent Conversation!

Here’s the App for your Online Intelligent Conversation!
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The chat bot is a computer software program that enables online intelligent conversation in written as well as spoken form. While in conversation with the users chat bots make use of natural languages. The chat bots online were developed during 1960s and initially they were used only for conversation and entertainment. However, today the online chat bot has various other applications also. The artificial intelligence chat bot enables online conversation between the individual user and the computer in natural language by way of integrating the language and the computer algorithm. In simple words, online chat bots are software programs that simulate conversation between humans and the machines. Besides as a tool for entertainment, the smart chat bot is also used as a tool for learning, practicing a language and retrieval of information.  In e-commerce websites, the chat bots online are used to provide information to customers and to receive their feedback. Basically, the Chatterbot collects the inputs in the form of written text from the user and gives the reply as its output in the form of sentences. The reply is generated by matching the input with the database of the software program.


Interacting just like a human

The artificial chat bot enables the online conversation to continue. The modern chat bots are capable of speech recognition as well as animation. As an educational tool the Chatty Bot is used to teach the students languages, grammar and various other subjects. The basic purpose of the ai chat bot is to make the machine to chat with the human user. The best chat bot is capable to interact just like a human with the human user. Since the virtual chat bot is provided with the artificial intelligence to make the machine chat with the user, its other applications include making bookings for holidays, reminding about each day’s appointments, providing information about restaurants, providing weather data as well as answers to various other queries from the user. The Chat Bot uses its intelligence platform for integrating meanings of words, memories, emotions, sentence structure and various data. Those who chat with a bot are able to create artificial personalities with intelligence and use them to chat with real humans as well as other chat bots. Those who chat with a bot have vast opportunities to converse with innumerable number of students, adventurous people, flirts, cartoon characters, mythical characters and recreated people. The online chat bots have memories of humans as well as other chat bots.



Download this app!

Given under is a smart chat bot app that is ideal for entertainment as well as various other applications as mentioned above. You are invited to download this app and enjoy the exciting experience of conversing through the artificial intelligence chat bot.