How to Develop iOS Apps

How to Develop iOS Apps
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Been a fan of Apple for long, have you? Now you want to venture in deep and to develop iOS apps. Learning to do it properly is a multi phase process. If you are beginner in the area of coding, you have to start from the scratch learning the development tools and the rules and guidelines. Apple is famous for its restrictions, so it’s good to know what is permissible and what is not before you start.


Development Environment

The IDE or Integrated Development Environment employed by Apple for iOS apps is Xcode. It is free to use and can be downloaded easily from Apple website. You can use Xcode to write the apps through its graphical interface. Swift programming language is the one you can use to develop apps for iOS 8 and it also is included in this interface. Even if you are not familiar with Swift, you can try Objective–C and other languages for programming iOS apps.


Guidelines to follow:

Apple’s app store has some serious specifications which you should abide if you want to develop iOS apps and put it in Apple store. The guidelines must be followed and try to follow them from the start of app development process. Otherwise, you may be wasting your precious time and energy for creating something that others won’t get a chance to see and enjoy as Apple may not allow it in their App store.

Review guidelines page in the apple store is the place to go for checking out the guidelines.  It has also listed the common reasons for rejecting apps. This list includes but is not limited to presence of advertisements, incomplete information, broken links or app crashes.  Many of Apple API’s also having their own guidelines to follow. Apple is very rigorous with their app review and even a slight deviation from the mentioned requirements and regulations will earn you a rejection.


Completely explaining about the app development process of iOS is not a small task. What we have mentioned here encompasses a small portion of it. You can try out app development companies for iOS app development which will be easier and quicker.  offers you one such opportunity and it will make your life easier for sure. They have dedicated app developers who will carry out your specifications. You just have to fill out a form given in the website or mail your specifications to the mail id listed in the website. How much more easily can it be?