Taking a look at the Music Trivia Crazy Quiz Game

Taking a look at the Music Trivia Crazy Quiz Game
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There isn’t a lack of quizzing games in the mobile market to be honest. However, there are very few ones that are as well made and well-crafted as the Music Trivia Crazy Quiz Game app. It has been released pretty recently but even during its short release span; it has captured the hearts of a lot of people already. So if you wanted to play a Crazy Quiz Game, then you can go ahead and get this one, that too for free.


About the App

This Music Trivia game is really very simplistic in nature, but that does not stop it from being effective. Its simplicity is what makes it so good to have as an app. starting from the basic design of the app to the sound design as well; it is very basic and simple. There is not too much cluttering in view, and it is pretty clear that the developers wanted things to be this way.

The same thing can be told about the sound design of this app as well. It is minimalistic, to say the least. You will find an 8-bit styled music playing in the main menu of this app, and that in itself personifies the entire app. It is enjoyable to listen to and play the Music Quiz. You will also find options to turn the music on and off in the game as well.


So what is this app all about? As you can guess by the name of the app, it is a quizzing game and something that caters to a small percentage of people in the market. To be fair, not everyone likes these kinds of things and as such, this app is directed to a small section of mobile users. You will have to make progress by answering some questions related to music. It is a Music Trivia Game after all.

And there is nothing that satisfies a music fanatic more than being challenged on his or her knowledge of music. If you too are such a similar person, then this is definitely the app for you. You can share your scores with your friends as well, which makes it all the better.



Final Verdict

So this is one Music Quiz Game that you should definitely try out. Not only that, it is free to play. So there is no real reason for you to miss out on this app. That is especially true if you are also a music fanatic as well.

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