Try the new kiss and kissing sounds app today

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Are you someone in search for a fun and goofy app that can play kissing sounds at the press of a button? Well if you are an Android user, then you are in luck. This is because there is such an app in the Google Play Store, which you can download to your phone for free. It is a pretty stable app and one that is continuously receiving support from developers. So there is no reason for you to not try it out.


About The App

The app is as simplistic as it can get. If you have ever wanted an app that is simple to use and serves the purpose of making false kiss sounds, then there has never been a better app. It is mainly there as an ‘accessory’ sort of app, so you might not find it anywhere in the highest rated sections. The developers have mainly released it as a casual app.

The app is in total, around 13 megabytes big. So as you can see, it is not that big in size. So it is not a huge issue for users to download it. And there are lots of reasons why the size is so small. As mentioned before, it is a minimalistic app and as such, there aren’t a whole lot of options to customize it around. But make no mistake; this Kissing Soundboard App is still up to the standards of your expectations.

As far as the app itself is concerned, it is very simple. On opening the app, you will find a red coloured kiss button which on being pressed produces the desired effect of producing kissing love sounds. As such, it is also called a love button as well. There are a myriad of sounds produced by this app. The only restriction is that you cannot select which sound you want to produce.

Otherwise, it is a fantastic app which is perfectly suitable to be used as a prank app for fun and just in general, goofing around. If you are planning to prank someone and getting them into trouble, then this app is perfect for that purpose.



The overall verdict for this app is that it is a fantastic Valentine’s app and one that is suitable for a goofy purpose. And as mentioned earlier, it is completely free of charge. So if you want to try it out, there is no reason for you not to.

Now you can download this App from this link: