Sneezing Soundboard App for Android

Sneezing Soundboard App for Android
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Sneezing Soundboard App
Your android can sneeze without catching a cold!

The human beings, who are less immune to the cold weather, catch cold very fast. The outcome of this flu is the sneezes which have a great loud noise, and not very unexpectedly- a pretty wicked sound. Now, with the technological advancement of the world it is quite natural these days that different sectors are inventing things which were hardly heard of or thought of before the invention. Android with its huge progress has also been a part of this advancement and has been home to many unique and enjoyable applications. One such application would be Sneezing soundboard app. The apps function is very much similar to its nomenclature. It contains more than 40 sneezing sounds which will evoke different emotions in you when you hear them.
No mucous, only sneeze!
The sneezing app for android has a sneeze soundboard where sounds of different types of sneezes have been uploaded. It offers you all the nastiest sounds than ever you can imagine. You will feel hatred, sick, funny, annoyed and so many more emotions when you will be listening to the sounds. It has a double sneeze performed by a man who caught a nasty cold. It also features the sound of a strong sneeze which has a loud noise. This sneeze app for android features the sounds in such a realistic way that it is sure to evoke different expressions in the face of the listener. It also recorded two different sounds of a man sneezing and a woman sneezing. Now there are not only two sounds. The category of a man’s sneezing sound has three different man’s sneezing sounds which are completely different from each other. On the other hand, category of a woman’s sneezing sound also features three different sneezing sound– surprisingly even these three are evidently different and distinct as the sneezes from three different women. It is needless to say how strong a research the app developers, sndapp, did to develop this free soundboard app. It does not only create disgust with phlegm sneezing sound of adult men and women- it also features cute and adorable sound of babies sneezing. It is sure to make you pout at the cuteness of these sounds of the babies sneezing in a very innocent manner.
Get your sneezing app today!
This soundboard app for android from sndapp went viral after its release in 2013. Of course its uniqueness made people interested in it. This app had been a solid entertainer of good many people for the last one year. Then why would you fall back? If you a have an android of 2.2 or up just go to Google App Store and download this amusing sneezing app absolutely free of cost. You can play pranks on your friends and near ones with the help of this app. The app is available in version 1 and sndapps confirms that the upgraded version would include more number of innovative sneezing sounds. So, download this 6.3 MB app- and enjoy!

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